Marketing Campaign Evaluation – The Long-Term Impact of Your Marketing Efforts

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28 Giugno 2023
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2 Luglio 2023

As marketing campaigns become increasingly data-driven, it’s easier than ever to compile measurable figures about your campaigns. You can track the number of people clicked on your Facebook ads and also see the number of people who completed a contact form after seeing an email advertisement. These kinds of high-level statistics aren’t always uplifting when they don’t translate into more revenue or create new business. A better gauge of campaign success is an analysis of your marketing strategy that reveals the longer-term results of your efforts and how it contributes to the overall revenue or the cost of acquisition (CAC).

A survey to evaluate a campaign gives you a wide breadth of marketing metrics that go beyond measurable digital marketing statistics. It blends measurable data through an online survey with unquantifiable statistics gathered through market research. This analysis will provide you with a complete picture of the results of your campaign that you can use to demonstrate to your clients, leaders and investors how valuable your marketing services are.

With the right framework and structure, developing a successful campaign evaluation is easy. Begin by defining your campaign’s goals, objectives, and key performance indicators. Examine how the campaign correlated to your KPIs. Identify any other benefits that the campaign has brought to you that you didn’t anticipate. This information can be valuable when it comes time to decide if to pursue the same strategy or change it.