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A remote board meeting takes place through video conference calls in which board members do not physically meet. This method of conducting business has become more popular during the coronavirus epidemic and will probably continue to be utilized following the pandemic.

The key to a successful and efficient remote board is using the proper tools. All materials must be made available to board members in advance of the meeting. This will help you save time and prevent confusion during the meeting. It is also helpful to record the meeting, especially when there’s lots of discussion or if it’s an extremely long meeting.

Encourage board members to be aware of their surroundings while they log in to the meeting. Distractions such as dogs barking, noisy street noises or the slight sound of a TV in another room, could make it difficult to concentrate during a meeting. Ideally, board members should be at the point of signing in from a quiet place with a closed door.

It is important to make a note of each board member’s presence prior to the beginning of the meeting. This will not only ensure that everyone is present, but also sets the tone for the meeting and lets everyone know that it’s an important matter. After each item on the agenda, it’s beneficial to solicit feedback. This can increase participation and encourages participation even from members who are located far away. The board can take action following the feedback following the meeting if it so chooses.